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Do Not Neglect Yourself

A Philosophy of Traditional Moo Doe

Throughout the centuries, masters of Traditional Moo Doe have researched and developed proper movements that quickly lead to a higher physical, mental and spiritual condition. Traditional Moo Doe movements are known to remove negativity from all aspects of one's life leaving only room for positive. A philosophy of Traditional Moo Doe states that if you have time to make excuses about what you have not achieved, use that time to improve your ability and reach your full potential. Ultimately, good habits lead to good character and a good character allows you to change your reality for the better. If you do not use your full ability how do you expect a more outstanding life?

History has proven that the teachings of Traditional Moo Doe are very highly sought after because a practitioner can bring the mind, body, and spirit together. Through this you are able to reach your fullest potential and develop incredible strength and peace while extending your youthfulness, increasing your longevity, and extending your years of full activity. Traditional Moo Doe allows practitioners of any age or body type to quickly improve their condition. This is important because you can train your entire life and never develop to your fullest potential unless you learn how to develop properly. Finding the proper path is most important. Effort given to movements that do not fit one's individual needs and age produce limited, short-term benefits. According to Traditional Moo Doe, it is extremely important to witness a practitioner's skill and ability before you begin your practice. If a practitioner is unable to show that they have achieved a high level of skill and ability it is impossible for them to teach others. This is what separates non-traditional martial arts practitioners from Traditional Moo Doe practitioners.

No More Excuses

It is common to hear people say that they are too busy to properly take care of themselves. Neglecting yourself eventually leads to mental, physical, and spiritual pain, as well as pain that extends on to your loved ones. Maintaining yourself is the key to maintaining your success, because if you lose yourself you will lose all that you have built and all that you have acquired.

One of the main reasons that Traditional Moo Doe is valued so highly is due to the fact that through your practice you can immediately increase your chi and harmonize your condition. Eventually you will attain the ability to diagnose your own condition in order to prevent illness; you will gain the ability to harmonize and correct any mental or physical imbalance. By practicing, you will have a more balanced physical, mental, and spiritual condition. Remember, life is filled with ups and downs so it is important to maintain balance. As you begin to see your condition continuously improve, the strength that you gain through your practice will become available to you at all times during all circumstances of life. With a balanced condition you will be able to change your reality for the better; this is the challenge of life.

The Practice of Traditional Moo Doe

Millions of people have benefited through Traditional Moo Doe around the world. For over 30 years in the United States alone, Oom Yung Doe has continued to help thousands of lives by building a strong foundation based upon Moo Doe principles, therefore giving everyone the opportunity to improve themselves. At Oom Yung Doe proper movement is taught utilizing proper positions, breathing techniques, eye positions, focus and meditation. Herbal equipment and extracts that have been used for centuries by higher Moo Doe practitioners, when used in conjunction with proper movement will enable every person, regardless of age or condition, to accelerate and increase their level of internal and external strength.

Like no other discipline, Traditional Moo Doe movements adjust to your age, body type, and condition. You will clearly see the benefits of Traditional Moo Doe by practicing only 4 to 5 hours a week. As you continue your practice and your condition improves, the amount of time that you need to practice will decrease and the benefits that you receive will quickly increase. Through Oom Yung Doe, you will learn the ancient principles of Moo Doe. Through your practice, you will be able to fully harmonize your body, challenge yourself and reach your ultimate level of mental, physical, and spiritual strength. Remember, life is only once, you do not have a spare life. Do not neglect yourself.

What you see in these pictures is what you can achieve.

It has been known throughout history to be nearly impossible to reach the skills and abilities seen in these photos without Traditional Moo Doe training. Remarkably, practitioners from their twenties to their senior years increasingly improve their condition and strength. This training brings the mind, body and movement together as one, leading to a higher spiritual level for greater daily benefits and a lifetime of peace.

Have You Ever Experienced Traditional Moo Doe?

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